Evolving an Age Old Process

Our passion is evolving an age old process into current, yet classic carpets. We strive to create a product that is sophisticated, elegant, and stands the test of time in both design and function. Our discerning clientele have come to expect from us a product that is of the utmost quality and craftsmanship, never sacrificing the integrity and artistry of the process.

Hand Only Processes that Are Centuries Old

As a true manufacturer, we have full creative control of the entire production process. From the initial carding and hand spinning of the yarn, to the final washes and our meticulous finishing touches. We use the same, hand-only processes that are centuries old, and strive to take each step of the process to the highest level possible today.

In a time of increasing mass production and decreasing quality standards, uniqueness coupled with uncompromising quality of design and production are becoming rare. All of our designs are hand-knotted with only the finest 100% hand-spun wool and we will never use artificial or simulated fibers in our production. Each of our carpets are original and we are proud of the product we have to offer. We like to think they speak for themselves!